SOP No. 2009-001 Confiscation and Recovery of PNP ID

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Pursuant to paragraph 4a of the approved Standard Operating Procedure No. 2009-001, as quoted "Identification cards issued to active and retired uniformed and non-uniformed personnel are government properties" and paragraph 8d stating that the "Chief, RPHRDDs and Personnel/Administrative Officers shall take appropriate actions for the prompt recovery of ID cards issued to personnel whose appointments are cancelled and those who are dismissed, dropped from rolls, terminated or on AWOL status and surrender the same to the Chiefs of Police or Heads of Offices concerned."

Cops Get 1st Tranche of 4-year Pay Hike

Written by PNP PIO on . Posted in Personnel Matters

The country’s 160,000-strong national police force will receive in April the first tranche of additional benefits package contained in Executive Order No. 201 by President Benigno S Aquino III, effective January 1, 2016. The grant of additional benefits, in the form of monthly Provisional Allowance for Military and Uniformed Personnel, Officers’ Allowance and increased Hazard Pay will be implemented in the next pay period in April 2016.

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