PRO9 Accomplishment on Project Double Barrel Project Tokhang and Project HVT

Written by PSUPT ROGELIO C ALABATA, Chief, RPIO9 on . Posted in News Release

PDG RONALD M. (BATO) DELA ROSA, Chief Philippine National Police is confident that his project “DOUBLE BARREL” will be implemented successfully from the National Headquarters down to the lowest units of the PNP.

The Police Regional Office 9 under the leadership of PCSUPT BILLY B BELTRAN fully supports the program of the new CPNP, specifically the implementation of “OPLAN TOKHANG-(Toktok-Hangyo or Knock and Plead).

The PNP Anti-Illegal Drugs Campaign Plan - “PROJECT DOUBLE BARREL” is implemented in a two-pronged approach, namely:  PROJECT TOKHANG and PROJECT HVT.

The “OPLAN TOKHANG involves the conduct of house to house visitation to persuade suspected illegal drug personalities, the lower barrel to stop their illegal activities. While “PROJECT HVT”, the upper barrel, is the massive reinvigorated conduct of anti-illegal drugs operations targeting high profile illegal drug personalities and drug syndicates.

For the period, from July 1-31, 2016 PRO9 had knocked or visited a total of 39,390 houses.

Out of the above number of houses knocked, there were 38,255 drug users and 1,346 pushers/couriers who voluntarily submitted themselves to the local police authorities and had undergone drug testing, finger printing, mug shoot, debriefing, medical examination and tactical interrogation.  They were also asked to sign a waiver or Affidavit of Undertaking wherein they committed themselves to abandon and not to engage in illegal drug trade activities again.

The anti-illegal drugs operations yielded 28 drug users and 170 pushers arrested. On otherhand, 5 drug personalities considered HVT were arrested and 15 were killed during police action in Zamboanga Peninsula.

Meanwhile, PCSUPT BELTRAN, appealed and asked the general public to continue their full support to the PNP by providing relevant and timely information to nearest police station or PNP HOTLINE : 09175062000 and iReport Mo Kay TSIP 09178455757.

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