Duo Collared for Mauling in Sibutad

Written by PCINSP HELEN L GALVEZ, Chief RPIO9 on . Posted in News Release

Two individuals tagged in the mauling of a 24-year old man was arrested at their residence in Brgy. Lalab Dos, Calube, Sibutad, Zamboanga Del Norte at about 12:30 PM on October 3, 2017.

The arrested suspects were identified as Alves B Jamarolin and Ranie G Domugho. The two allegedly mauled Larry Guinet Odantabao, resident of aforementioned place. Investigation disclosed that the victim went outside his house to urinate when he saw a commotion beside the road. As he drew nearer, he saw Alves seemingly groggy while holding a gun. Alves tried to shoot him but the gun malfunctioned. Larry tried to wrest control of the gun, however, Ranie came out of nowhere and  struck him with a stone to his head. Both suspects are now detained at said police station for proper disposition.

-with report from PO3 Radzben S. Jul, RPIO9

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