PNP Field Unit Commanders in the Region Must Stay Vigilant

Written by PINSP DAHLAN T SAMUDDIN on . Posted in News Release

The leadership of Police Regional Office 9 reminded all unit commanders in Zamboanga Peninsula, especially the chiefs of police, to continuously be vigilant and alert in the fight against insurgents apart from the fight against criminality and terrorists. Said directive is in connection with the recent attack perpetrated by the CPP/NPA/NPA on a police station in the province of Davao Oriental on Sunday evening which is an indication that the communist terrorists are still capable of conducting atrocities.    

Field unit commanders must fortify their camp defense and intensify intelligence monitoring against the Local Communist Terrorists (LCM) in their respective areas of responsibility, to prevent similar incidents.  

Based on the report, in the evening of February 15, 2015, an undetermined number of fully armed members of CNN initiated an attack against Mati City Police Station which is under Police Regional Office 11. Mati CPS experienced heavy exchange of fire that lasted more than thirty minutes, after which, the enemy withdrew towards unknown direction upon the arrival of the military reinforcement.

There was no casualty on the side of the PNP, but on the enemy side, there was a fatality reported. The incident resulted in damage to the municipal police station building, with window glasses shattered and the concrete walls bore several bullet holes.

When the Reconnaissance Team of the Philippine Army conducted hot pursuit operation against the fleeing armed group on board on a military truck, it accidentally passed on a landmine planted by the insurgents which triggered an explosion. This resulted in the killing of three soldiers and wounding of four others, while the vehicle incurred severe damage.

On the other hand, the security convoy of the Regional Director of Police Regional Office 11 who were on their way to Mati City Police Station was also hit by a landmine, but no one was hurt.      

Prior to the attack, a member of the local communist group entered the building of the said police station and pretended to be an ordinary citizen. Suddenly, he hostaged a policeman. This was followed by the arrival of his communist henchmen on board an Elf Isuzu Truck which led to the firefight. The hostaged policeman was able to free himself from the grasp of the rebel and joined his officemates in repulsing the enemy.

It is perceived that the CPP/NPA/NDF strikes when there is laxity in the security of the camp. In order to prevent similar lapses it is essential for the chiefs of police to take appropriate action by intensifying its target hardening measures and information gathering with the help of the barangay tanods and BINs.

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