PRO9 Adopts a Standard Procedure in Data Entry during Crime Reporting

Written by PINSP DAHLAN T SAMUDDIN on . Posted in News Release

The PNP Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management (DIDM) developed the PNP Crime Incident Recording System (CIRS) to be adopted by all units in treating the reports of crime incidents, arrests, and any relevant events or activities.The Crime Incident Recording System sets a standard procedure in which all crimes incidents are reported to all police stations and stored electronically in a database system. It is capable of filtering all sorts of crime data thereby generating more accurate crime statistics.

The system promotes consistency in the recording of crime incidents and provides easy access on crime data nationwide. These crime data shall be the working basis for policies and programs on various anti-criminality measures.

The PNP leadership reminds all PNP personnel to do the proper procedure of gathering and recording crime reports as illustrated in the CIRS flowchart. With the implementation of the CIRS, the PNP leadership is hopeful that there will be consistency in the recording of crime incidents to provide easy access of crime data nationwide. Desk officers are also directed to treat complainants and clients with due respect and courtesy when they go to police stations to file their reports. Moreover, they are to guide, assist and make sure that they leave the station fully satisfied of having been rendered such police services.

Furthermore, the PNP encourages the public to go and report any incident to the police using the following steps:

- Report to the Desk Officer the incident in order to determine whether it is a crime or not.

- If the incident is a crime, the complainant shall be endorsed to a Duty Investigator, otherwise, he/she shall be referred to a Duty Officer who shall address his/her concern.

- After the complainant and the Duty Investigator/Officer accomplished and reviewed all information regarding the incident, he/she shall sign the Incident Record Form with the Duty Investigator/ Officer.

- Ask for a copy of IRF for future references.


PRO9 further encourages the public to support the plans and programs of the organization and also to provide relevant and timely information and other unscrupulous activities through its social media accounts (Twitter: @pnp_pro9, @rpio_pro9; Facebook Page: Police Regional Office 9, PIO Zamboanga Peninsula) or through the following: Dial 117 or 166, Isumbong mo sa R2 – 09771492613.

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