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Isabela City is a 4th class city and the capital of the province of Basilan, Philippines, surrounded by the Celebes Sea, the Moro gulf and the Sulu sea, and situated at the southwest tip of the Zamboanga Peninsula. The city is located on the northern shore of Basilan. Isabela City covers 45 barangays, a land area of 22,000 hectares and a population of 97,857 as of 2010 Census.

According to the 2007 census, Isabela City has a population of 87,985 people in 13,753 households. Roughly 73% of which profess the Christian faith (predominantly Roman Catholic), and 27% are Muslims. The biggest ethnic grouping are the ZamboangueƱo, followed by the Tausugs, Bisaya. Also of note are the relatively significant Yakan, Samal/Badjao, Maranao, Ilocano, Ilonggo and to a much lesser extent, Tagalog and Chinese presence.

Like the rest of Basilan, ZamboangueƱo Chavacano is the native language of majority of the residents, both Christian and Muslim. Also spoken are Tausug, Bisaya, and Yakan (the acknowledged native language of Basilan, is used primarily by Yakans). A lesser percentage can speak or understand Samal/Banguingui, Maranao, Ilocano and Ilonggo, which are mostly confined to members of their respective tribes.

The city produces various agricultural products, primarily rubber. They have their own rubber processing plants based on raw rubber sap, and sell these products to merchants for export. Also rubber processing cooperatives contribute much to Isabela City's employment rate. Other major economic activities include coconut/copra production and, to a lesser extent, bamboo crafts/furniture.

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