PNP Attrition Exemption for Education Deficiency

Based on Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act NO. 9708

Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 9708 “ An act extending for five (5) years the reglementary period for complying with the minimum educational qualification for appointment to the PNP and adjusting the promotion system thereof, amending certain provisions of R.A. No. 8551 and for other purposes.”

Sec. 2 Para. J

Provided, further, that PNP members who are already in the service upon the effectivity of the Republic Act No. 8551 shall be given five (5) years to obtain the minimum educational qualification reckoned from the date of effectivity of Republic Act No. 9708: Provided, furthermore, That for concerned PNP members rendering more than fifteen (15) years of service and who have exhibited exemplary performance as determined by the Commission, shall no longer be required to comply with the aforementioned minimum educational requirement.

The PNP shall submit to the Commission the list of PNP members who have rendered more than fifteen (15) years of service for purposes of determining exemplary performance. Upon such determination, the concerned PNP members shall no longer be required to obtain a baccalaureate degree and shall be deemed exempted from attrition due to non-promotion.

To be considered to have achieved exemplary performance in the police service, the concerned police officer should have obtained an average adjectival rating of at Least “ Very Satisfactory”, or its numerical equivalent in his/her Performance Evaluation Rating (PER) for a period of two (2) years prior to the effectivity of this act.