16 Held for Illegal Fishing in J. Dalman

Written by PINSP DAHLAN T SAMUDDIN on . Posted in News Release

Jose Dalman, Zamboanga Del Norte - Sixteen fishermen and eight motorized pump boats were apprehended by Jose Dalman Police Station after they were caught violating the Fishery Municipal Ordinance No. 008-004-2013 during the conduct of a seaborne patrol operation at their municipal waters at about 9:00 PM on November 21, 2014.

Police Senior Inspector Vergil Bruce Dario - Acting Jose Dalman MPS Chief of Police, identified the apprehended fishing crew as Lemer Saldero y Deniega, 24; Andy Deniega y Ocao, 27; Romeo Ande Sr y Allones, 54; Richard Ande y Mertalla, 29; Ireneo Labadlabad y Gongob, 63; Eduardo Labadlabad y Ande, 29; Leonie Labadlabad y Laquio, 35; Leon Labadlabad y Laquio, 46; Roger Labadlabad y Ande, 24; Glen Boy Labadlabad y Rosal, 30; Diosdado Rodriguez y Devebar, 40; Artemio Rodriguez y Legados, 50; Marlon Bolibar y Malapangue, 39; Romeo Quinis y Bangcal, 32; Rene Labadlabad y Ande, 34; Wilson Cuaresma y Sedigo, 51. The apprehended fishermen are detained at Jose Dalman MPS, while the eight motorized pump boats with assorted fishing paraphernalia are now under the custody of said police station.

-with report from PO2 Radzben S Jul, RPIO9

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