Field Test of New PNP GOA Uniform

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This pertains to the continuing conduct of field test for the new GOA uniform in all PNP units in order to get more feedback especially on the functionality, comfortability, and adaptability to the climate of the aforementioned uniform. PNP personnel performing administrative duties are encouraged to participate in this activity.

The description of the proposed new GOA uniform are as follows:

Upper Garment - blue ribbon color, polo jack design, with shoulder strap for PCOs only

Lower Garment - design, fabric, and color is the same as the old GOA pants with side piping similar to the blue ribbon color of the upper garment.



Male - Pershing Cap (NAPOLCOM Res. No. 2009-380)

Female - Headgear (NAPOLCOM Res. No. 96-116)


Belt and Buckles

PNP Blue Belt (NAPOLCOM Resolution No. 2011-024)

PNP Buckle (with rank - NAPOLCOM Res. 2006-491)



Male - Clarino shoes with black socks (NAPOLCOM Res. No. 2008-625)

Female - Ladies Shoes with blackĀ· socks (NAPOLCOM Res. No. 2009-253)

Undershirt - White V-neck (NAPOLCOM Res. No. 2007-541)



UESB Resolution No. 2014-27 entitled: "Proposed Amendment to NAPOLCOM Resolution No. 96-116 particularly on the General Office Attire"; and

Approved memorandum of CPNP with subject: Continuing Conduct of Field Test for the New GOA Uniform on June 17, 2014.

Field Test of New PNP GOA Uniform

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