PNP ADVISORY: SCAM ALERTThis is to notify the public of a scheme fraudulently misrepresenting the Philippine National Police (PNP).Verified reports from our citizens have been received regarding certain individuals purportedly posing or misrepresenting themselves as members of the PNP or the Armed Forces of the Philippines to obtain personal information and extort money from vulnerable and unsuspecting victims ranging up to P500,000.00 and above.

The modus operandi of these individuals is to call or send messages to their victims and inform them that they were identified under the list of suspected “Communist Terrorist Group-New People’s Army” members then extract money in exchange for their names to be cleared from the list.

 We condemn these fraudulent acts and assure the public that our PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group (ACG) has initiated an investigation and case-build up against scammers.

The PNP shall remain on constant look-out for opportunistic criminals amid the COVID-19 pandemic.The public is hereby advised to follow these safety protocols in order to understand the risks and prevent being victimized by scammers, to wit:

1. Think before you speak. Scammers want you to act and give out information;

2. If the activity is made through phone transactions, be aware that caller IDs can be easily spoofed by scammers, hence:

a. Verify phone numbers before calling back;

b. Use a different phone to call back;

c. Never divulge or share any sensitive information over the phone; and

d. Block automated calls.

Further, we encourage the public to immediately report suspicious activities of the same nature to the nearest police station or PNP unit or call the PNP Anti-Cybercrime Hotline Number (s): Globe (+63 915 589 8506) and Smart (+63 961 829 8033), for assistance.