Joint elements of Sirawai Municipal Police Station, 905th Maneuver Company, RMFB9 Zamboanga del Norte Provincial Intelligence Team, Provincial Intelligence Unit, 2nd ZNPMFC, 42IB 9ID PA, and barangay officials of Barangay Panabutan and Sipakit, both of Sirawai, Zamboanga del Norte in coordination with the office of the municipal mayor represented by Vice Mayor Pulman M Darquez, facilitated the voluntary surrender of a Criminal Gang member listed no. 3 in target list. The criminal gang member has no standing of warrant of arrest. Further, subject person also surrendered his one unit improvised ingram machine pistol with defaced serial number, one long magazine with ten live 9mm ammunition. Said criminal gang member subsequently signed an oath of allegiance in the presence of Sirawai Municipal Vice Mayor Hon. Pulman M Darquez, Solemnizing Officer, witnessed by PLT Jennifer E Buco, Deputy, CC/S2/S3, PLT Bryan Culis, ZDNPIT-RIU9, Personnel of Sirawai Municipal Police Sta, 2lt Ronan D Primayoln, OIC, Bravo Coy, 42IB PA, Barangay Chairman of Brgy. Panabutan, Sirawai, Zamboanga del Norte, and Ustadz Mohammad Jayn P Hassan, Religious Sector and President of Madrasa at about 2:00 PM of July 19, 2022.  Said subject surrendered criminal gang was released by Sirawai Municipal Police Station in good physical and mental condition and now under the custody of Ustadz Mohammad Jayn P Hassan.