Police Regional Office 9, under the leadership of PBGEN NEIL B ALIÑSANGAN, Regional Director, continues to amplify its anti-illegal drugs campaign through out Zamboanga Peninsula. As a fruit of its intensified campaign in the fight against the illegal drug menace, numerous anti-illegal drugs operations were carried out in the region. Among the most notable is the confiscation of PhP108,000.00 worth of Shabu in Timex Subdivision, Barangay Baliwasan, Zamboanga City at 4:53 PM of September 12, 2022.

Dennis Baldos Bella, 49 years old, male, married, unemployed, high school undergrad and a resident of Putik, Zamboanga City was arrested during the operation. Confiscated items were four sachets of suspected Shabu with estimated weight of 16 grams and withstandard drug price of PhP108,800.00, one piece of PhP1,000.00 bill used as marked money and one black Nike sling bag. Confiscated drug items were brought to Regional Forensic Unit 9 for laboratory examination. Suspect was also brought to the detention facility of Zamboanga City Police Office for proper disposition. PBGEN ALIÑSANGAN, lauds the accomplishment of the operating team as they serve Zamboanga Peninsula with Zeal and Passion. To see to it that illegal drugs has no place in the region and bring the person/s responsible to answer for their action/s before the court.