PNP personnel of Zamboanga del Norte Provincial Intelligence Unit, Leon B Postigo Municipal Police Station, Regional Intelligence Unit 9-Intelligence Group, 84th Special Action Company RDB, PNP-SAF, and 2nd Provincial Mobile Force Company facilitated the surrender of one CTG member under remnants RUC, WMRPC at about 4:00 PM of September 14, 2022. The said withdrawal of support is the result of continuous negotiation with RUC personalities which lead to a huge setback on the mainstream CTG as these personalities were part of their lifeblood and played an important role in sustaining their existence by providing them vital information and means of their daily needs such as food, medicines and other materials. Right after documentation, the surrenderee took an oath of allegiance in the presence of PLT Najib B Alip, Chief Of Police (solemnizing officer) at Leon B. Postigo Municipal Police Station and was then released in good physical condition to the barangay officials of Tinuyop for further community reintegration. The surrendered member of CAMOS, RUC, WMRPC was released by Leon B Postigo Municipal Police Station in good physical condition.