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In 1981, the striking force called a Special Action Company (SAC) was established in Region 9 with CAPT GALAHAD TIMBASAL as Company Commander.  SAC was then utilized not only as striking force but also as a response to the wake of lawless elements in the region as well. Their primary mission is to plan and conduct special operation anywhere in the region, especially matters pertaining to counter-insurgency, counter-subversion, non-conventional warfare, anti-terrorism and other related operations.

In 1985, after four years of enhancing the strength of the unit, a company of policeman called Integrated National Police Field Force was interspersed with SAC gave way to the birth of  the 9th Regional Special Action Force Battalion (9th RSAF BN) and the creation of another company, the Headquarters Support Company whose primary responsibility is to maintain the cleanliness of the camp and act as garrison guards, and serves as the reserved force of the battalion. The SAC then became the Alpha Company and the first 9th RSAF Battalion Commander was LT COL ALISTANTE, then succeeded by MAJOR RECORDE VALDEZ NOGRA in 1987, LT COL HERMOSURA in 1988 and MAJOR RUPERTO REMETRE in 1989.

While the 9RSAF Battalion is growing in terms of strength, the COSAC (Constabulary Off-Shore Anti-Crime) Battalion was de-activated on 01 July 1988 pursuant to HPC GO which provides the activation of Waterborne Platoon in respective Regional Special Action Force Battalion in every command with the same mission and function. This gave way to the creation of 1st Provisional Company (1PC) on 05 August 1988 in accordance to Staff Memo Number 1 dated 19 August 1988 and absorbed by the 9th PC/INP RSAF Battalion as an organic unit effective 15 August 1988. With that move, the battalion grew to four companies.

During the passage of PNP Bill into law, the battalion was renamed on  January 1991 to 9th PNP Field Force Battalion (9PNPFF BN) and the Force Commander then was P/SUPT JALDON BARRAQUIAS JALANI. During the middle of 1991, the battalion was renamed into 9th Regional Mobile Force Battalion (9th RMF BN) pursuant to GHQ PNP Ltr Dir dated 24 July 1991.

On 18 October 1993, PSUPT MURASIDUL ALPHA assumed command from PSUPT JALDON BARRAQUIAS JALANI. Subject PCO was designated as OIC of 9th RMF Battalion. During his term, the Battalion was directed to undergo forty five (45) days rigid training on PNP Special Counter Insurgency Operation Unit Training (SCOUT). After the successful completion of the training PSUPT DEMETRIO MAGALLANES MAYLAS Jr assumed command as Force Commander of 9th RMF Battalion effective 11 Febuary 1994. On this year, the 9th RMF Battalion has been adjudged as the PNP Regional Mobile Force Battalion of the Year.

During the incumbency of PSUPT RECORDE VALDEZ NOGRA, the 9RMF Battalion was renamed into 9th Regional Mobile Group (9th RMG) and the term commander ceased to be used and changed to Group Director.

On November 13, 2009 Memorandum Circular 2009-020 from NHQ PNP, Camp Crame, Quezon City was approved providing the guidelines and procedures for the rationalization of the PNP Mobile Groups. This Circular applies to all mobile forces, otherwise known as maneuver groups of the Philippine National Police which was created by virtue of Section 32 of the rules and regulations implementing the provisions of Republic Act No. 6975, as amended by Republic Act No. 8551 and Executive Order No. 546 series of 2006, “Directing the Philippine National Police to Undertake Active Support to the Armed Forces of the Philippines in Internal Security Operations for the Suppression of Insurgency and Other Serious Threats to National Security, Amending Certain Provision of Executive Order No.110 Series of 1999 and for Other Purposes”.

Renaming of 9th Regional Mobile Group to 9th Regional Public Safety Management Battalion (9th RPSMB) and mobile companies to maneuver companies was done pursuant to ORPHRDD General Orders Number 4585 dated December 7, 2009 and the renaming of Group Director to Battalion Commander 9th RPSMB and Deputy Group Director to Assistant Battalion Commander of 9th RPSMB was also done pursuant to ORPHRDD General Orders Number 4584 dated 7 December 2009 were approved and implemented same effective 07 December 2009.

In reference to memorandum from RD PRO9 Re-Transfer of Operational Control Over Regional Mobile Groups from RDs, PROs to the Directors of DIPOs dated December 1, 2009 with attached copy of NHQ-PNP General Orders Number DPL-09-19 providing for the transfer of Operational Control of all Regional Mobile Groups, Provincial Mobile Groups and City Mobile Groups from the Regional Directors of the Police Regional Offices to the Directors of DIPOs upon the direction of the Chief, PNP.

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