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The City of Zamboanga is a highly urbanized city located in Mindanao island. It has a population of more than 807,129 according to the latest NSO census. Zamboanga is the 6th most populous and 3rd largest city by land area in the Philippines. It is the commercial and industrial center of Zamboanga Peninsula. Known for Hispanic influences in its culture, it bears the nickname "Asia's Latin City." Chavacano, a Spanish-derived language, is widely spoken in the city. English, Tagalog, and Bisaya are also used by the residents

Zamboanga's exports include rubber, pearls, copra, mahogany, fish, abaca, and fruits. Seaweed production plants in Zamboanga, along with Cebú and Southern Luzon, produce most of the world's supply of carrageenan. Seventy-five percent of the country's eucheuma and kappaphycus seaweed is produced mostly in the Zamboanga peninsula and the Sulu archipelago. Zamboanga is noted as the Sardines Capital of the Philippines because 8 out of 11 sardines companies in the country are operating in the city. The canning factories are converged in the west coast of the city. Sardine fishing and processing account for about 70 percent of the city's economy. Situated at the western tip of the Mindanao mainland, Zamboanga is a natural docking point for vessels traversing the rich fishing grounds of the Zamboanga peninsula and the Sulu archipelago.




-  The major colors of the ZCPO LOGO, the white, blue and red, symbolize the Philippine National Flag;

-  The eleven yellow stars represent the eleven Police Stations, while the two  other white stars represents the two original Zamboanga City Mobile Group. The stations are as follows: Vitali PS 1; Curuan PS 2; Sangali PS 3; Culianan PS 4; Divisoria PS 5; Tetuan PS 6; Sta. Maria PS 7; Sinunuc PS 8; Ayala PS 9; Labuan PS 10; Sacol Island PS 11; and the 1st Zamboanga City Mobile Group Station is located at Santa Barbara, while the 2nd represents the defunct second Zamboanga City Mobile Group whose headquarter was located at Justice R.T. Lim Blvd., infront with Joaquin Enriquez Sports Complex.

-  The yellow circle with ZAMBOANGA CITY POLICE OFFICE marking symbolizes the all-encompassing coverage of this police office;

-  At the middle is the Official Seal of City Government that symbolizes the heart of Zamboanga City;

-  The laurel leaves symbolize knowledge and wisdom in the police organization; and

-  The ZAMBOANGA’S FINEST marks the full support of ZCPO to PRO9 and the Philippine National Police as a whole.


In 1978, during the creation of Zamboanga District Command (ZAMDISCOM), personnel were gathered from different Philippine Constabulary Command under the area of responsibility of HQS PC/INP, Regional Command 9, wherein men from Tawi-Tawi Constabulary Command (CC), Jolo, Sulu CC, Zamboanga Del Norte CC, Zamboanga del Sur CC and personnel from HQS Regional Command 9. They composed one company named the First Provisional PC/INP Company, with their office, the ZAMDISCOM Headquarters, located at Fort Pilar, Pettit Barracks, Zamboanga City, together with the 462nd PC Company under the supervision of COL. COROBONG TANOG followed by the 2nd District Commander COL. JOSE HALCON ( GSC ).

In 1980 the HQS ZAMDISCOM transferred to then newly-constructed two-story building located at Sta. Barbara, of this city, funded by HQS Philippine Constabulary during the incumbency of the Chief of the Philippine Constabulary LT. GEN. FIDEL V RAMOS. The next ZAMDISCOM/METRODISCOM commanders were LT. COL. MANA-AY, LT. COL. ROMEO ABENDAN, COL. CARUNCHO, LT. COL. GUIRSON, LT. COL. GONGORA, COL. ALMADEN, LT. COL. CARLOS PEÑA, LT. COL. DUMPIT, P/SSUPT CALIDA, and P/SUPT RESURRECCION G MIRAVITE.

In 1981, company rotation of assignments was implemented between the First Provincial PC/INP company and the 448th PC company Stationed at Malangas, Zamboanga del Sur, District III. During 1982, the ZAMDISCOM was changed to METROPOLITAN DISTRICT COMMAND. The deactivation of 462nd PC Company ushered the activation of 460th PC Company after a year. The personnel were acquired from Philippine Constabulary Training Center 9 (PCTC9) in Brgy. Malagutay, and the new PC recruit of Batch 1982. The headquarters was established in Brgy. Mercedes.  After several years, the Headquarters of 460th PC company was transferred to Quiniput, Zamboanga City. The Eastern Police Station in Vitali and Western Police Station in Ayala were also formed later.

The merging of Philippine Constabulary and the Integrated National Police into a single unit called the Philippine National Police in 1991 led to the change of ZAMBOANGA METRODISCOM into ZAMBOANGA CITY POLICE OFFICE with eleven police station and two City Mobile Groups, the 448th PC Company became the 1st Zamboanga City Mobile Group stationed at Santa Barbara, and the 2nd ZCMG located at Justice RT Lim Boulevard. The deactivation of 460th PC Company resulted in the distribution of its personnel to different police stations of ZCPO.

Zamboanga City Police Office occupied the new building on 1994 up to the present. The continuous study and development of police organization in the field resulted to the deactivation of 2nd Zamboanga City Mobile Group, resulting in the retention of a single operational mobile group authorized within the city as directed by higher command.


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