Advisory on Kidnapping Phone Scam and Latest Cybercrimes

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Clickbait is a text or thumbnail link that is designed to entice users to follow that link and read, view, or listen to the linked piece of online content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page.

Clickbait is used to direct the user to a page that may require payment, registration or a set of pages in order to increase the page views for the site. Clickbait works by making use of the curiosity-gap principle. The sensational headline of the clickbait helps in raising the curiosity of the readers, and thus gets them to click the link to the Web page.

Clickbait is essentially bait that websites place for visitors. They are commonly used as part of social media marketing. But the rising popularity and ubiquitous nature of clickbait has led to many to consider it a dishonest strategy.

Clickbait now serves as a link to malicious websites. These sites contain malicious code including ransomware, viruses and Trojans (allowing malicious users access to your system). Clickbait is simply a fun, exciting, enticing invitation to a slew of malicious content and people.

Clickbait may present itself in the form of a catchy quiz or survey. Generally, these will ask you for personal information, or for access to your social media account.

Clickbait method is employed by people interested in far more than their visitor count. You and your click can offer up access to your accounts, money, computer, and your entire network through phishing or malware installation.


All PNP personnel as well as the public are advised to follow the tips in order to avoid the risk of Clickbait, to wit:

  • Avoid unsafe or suspicious website that ask to click on links, complete a survey or download extra plug-ins to access the content of what you are looking for;
  • Check the web address if it a trusted company and domain name, those with https:// are considered safe; and
  • Do not share information

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