Reporting a Crime to the PNP

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The Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management (DIDM) developed the PNP Crime Incident Recording System (CIRS) which sets a standard procedure that will store in the electronic database system all crime incidents, including the victim, suspect and narrative details of the incident reported to the police stations. The CIRS promotes consistency in the recording of crime incidents that may be easily accessed nationwide by both Crime Registrars and the complainant. Printed copy of the data stored into the CIRS called the Incident Record Form (IRF) signed by the investigator and the complainant will be the first document to be included in the case folder. A copy of the IRF will be provided to the complainant. The IRF bears a control number which can be used by the complainant to verify and follow up the status of their complaint.

Requirements for R2 (RID) Clearance with Downloadable Form

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Download the application form here.


1. Duly Accomplished Application Form (available at RID Office or downloadable in this website)

2. Barangay Clearance (photocopy)

3. Cedula (photocopy)

4. Police clearance (photocopy)

5. S2 clearance (from ZCPO)

6. Fiscal clearance (photocopy)

7. MTC/RTC Clearance (photocopy)

8. NBI Clearance (photocopy)

9. Mayor's clearance (photocopy)

10. Two (2) pcs latest 2x2 picture

11 . Official Receipt (Payment Php 80.00 at Finance Service PRO9)

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