SOP No. 2009-001 Confiscation and Recovery of PNP ID

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Pursuant to paragraph 4a of the approved Standard Operating Procedure No. 2009-001, as quoted "Identification cards issued to active and retired uniformed and non-uniformed personnel are government properties" and paragraph 8d stating that the "Chief, RPHRDDs and Personnel/Administrative Officers shall take appropriate actions for the prompt recovery of ID cards issued to personnel whose appointments are cancelled and those who are dismissed, dropped from rolls, terminated or on AWOL status and surrender the same to the Chiefs of Police or Heads of Offices concerned."

RHS9 Directive on Hospitalized PNP Personnel

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All PNP PRO9 personnel (uniformed and non-uniformed) from the Regional Headquarters down to   the police staitons, who are admitted to hospitals/medical facilities for treatment or any procedure, are directed to inform the Regional Health Service 9 of their hospital admission either through their relatives or chiefs of offices, in person or through radio message upon the starting date of admission to the medical facility. This will ensure that RHS9 will be able to monitor the patient’s progress of treatment while confined, as well as to facilitate the reimbursement of hospitalization expenses.

PNP Retirees Urged to be PHILHEALTH Lifetime Members

Written by PINSP DAHLAN T SAMUDDIN on . Posted in Personnel Matters

Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth Inc.) encourages all PNP retirees to continue their membership with them by availing the lifetime membership program. This move is very helpful for elderly retirees since majority of ailments crop up during the senior citizen years due to the human body’s decreased efficiency in fighting diseases and other age-related disorders.

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