SOP No. 2009-001 Confiscation and Recovery of PNP ID

Written by RPHRDD on . Posted in Personnel Matters

Pursuant to paragraph 4a of the approved Standard Operating Procedure No. 2009-001, as quoted "Identification cards issued to active and retired uniformed and non-uniformed personnel are government properties" and paragraph 8d stating that the "Chief, RPHRDDs and Personnel/Administrative Officers shall take appropriate actions for the prompt recovery of ID cards issued to personnel whose appointments are cancelled and those who are dismissed, dropped from rolls, terminated or on AWOL status and surrender the same to the Chiefs of Police or Heads of Offices concerned."

Be informed that there are personnel, whose status fall on the above categories, still possess unexpired PNP Identification cards due to non-recovery of said IDs. Likewise, PNP personnel who resigned from the service still have their active PNP IDs and they are still using the same for their personal interest.

In this regard, you are directed to implement the confiscation/recovery of PNP IDs of subject personnel as outlined in the SOP and to require all PNP personnel in your respective jurisdiction who are applying for resignation to surrender their PNP IDs as part of the requirement to prevent them from abusing the police power. Further, submit to this Office (Attn: RMS) all confiscated/surrendered PNP ID cards on a monthly basis.