Retirement Honors for PCSUPT ANTONIO JR

Written by PSUPT ROGELIO C ALABATA, Chief RPIO9 on . Posted in Activities

PCSUPT MIGUEL CABANATAN ANTONIO JR., outgoing PRO9 Regional Director bids farewell to the PNP rganization after rendering 38 fruitful years of the police service on June 6, 2016 at the age of 56, the mandatory retirement age of every member of the PNP.

PCSUPT ANTONIO completed his elementary education at Ateneo De Zamboanga, Zamboanga City in 1967-73. He continued his secondary education at Perpetual Help College of Rizal from 1973-78. He enrolled for his tertiary Education with the course of Bachelor of Science, before he finally decided to have a military career to which he joined the Cadet Corps Armed Forces of the Philippines of the Philippine Military Academy and graduated in 1983. He earned his Master Degree in the field of Public Administration at Saint Paul University.

After graduation from the Philippine Military Academy, he became a junior officer of the defunct Philippine Constabulary assigned to different AFP/PNP units and offices nationwide. His first and challenging assignment was that he became the Chief Regional Intelligence Division at PRO2. He was also designated as the Chief Comprollership Division of PRO3 and became the Acting Chief Regional Comprollership Division of PRO4A. PCSUPT ANTONIO was also assigned at the office of the Chief, PNP from 2007-2008, the Directorate for operation as Assistant Chief, Central Operation Center, and its Executive Officer, and then became the Deputy Director of the Directorate for Operation in 2013.

He was also a recipient of numerous medals and commendations for various accomplishments as well as plaques, letters of appreciations from different key leaders of the National, Regional and Local Government agencies, NGOS and other religious and civilian entities.

In his 38 years of service, PCSUPT ANTONIO contributed well for having exemplary managerial skills and leadership for the various accomplishments each office had achieved which earned honor and prestige to the entire police organization. Likewise, he always instilled in the mind of every policeman the value of discipline and courtesy not only to the PNP but to the public as a whole.

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