PRO9 Mass Oath-Taking and Donning of Ranks

Written by PSUPT ROGELIO C ALABATA, Chief RPIO9 on . Posted in Activities

Newly promoted PCSUPT JONATHAN V ABLANG, Deputy Regional Director for Administration, PRO9, lead the simultaneous Mass Oath Taking and Donning of Ranks to the newly promoted Police Commission Officers (PCO) and Police Non-Commission Officer (PNCO) held at PRO9 Quadrangle, Camp Col. Romeo A Abendan, Mercedes, Zamboanga City at about 7:30 AM of January 30, 2017.

A total of 39 PCOs and 30 PNCOs assigned from different units of PRO9 and 7 PCOs and 62 PNCOs assigned in the National Operational Support Units (NOSU) were promoted to the next higher ranks.

PCSUPT ABLANG administered the oath–taking and presided the donning of rank insignias together with their respective families to the 138 newly promoted PCOs and PNCOs coming from the different units of PRO9 and NOSU.   

In his speech and message to the newly promoted PNP personnel, DRDA challenged them to do better and help the PNP in the fight against scalawags in the organization and set good example to others to follow.  

He also reiterated to the PNP promoted personnel the famous line from the Spiderman movie thta “with great power comes great responsibility" and extended his deepest congratulatory remarks to the newly promoted PNP personnel for their well-deserved promotion and to their respective families and loved ones for their untiring support.  

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