Kabataan Kontra Droga at Terorismo

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We believe that our millennial youth are knowledgeable, talented, and optimistic. With these kind of characteristics, we can encourage them to open up their minds about the common issues regarding drugs and terrorism. We ought to make them understand the cause and effects of these problems that could center the destruction of our society.

Since our youth are easily able to absorb ideas and construct plans, we must persuade them to push forward to learn more about Drugs and Terrorism and make them realize that engaging into such kind of illegal activities will do no good as a young citizen of the Philippines. As early as possible, let us educate them more and replace their ignorance into something they could use to help their community-- they could use to help themselves.


Let us exert more effort on educating our youth about the ill effects of prohibited drugs and warn them about the lawless elements that causes terrorism in our country. Let us encourage them to help the Police and other friendly forces to fight against these issues that can cause crisis to the community. Let us guide them to a safer path and let them understand what is right from wrong. Let us teach them the reality and make them realize that the society would be more progressive if they are there to help us eradicate the problems for a safer, better, and peaceful nation. 

Let us train our youth to be heroes of our country and not slaves of the lawless elements.

Let us help them build a better nation where love and peace conquers all.

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