Preventing Sex Crimes

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1. Avoid wearing sexually suggestive clothing.

2. Do not accept free rides from strangers.

3. Avoid being in an elevator with a stranger.

4. Be alert against rapist. Move fast and use any defense tactics such as scratching the face, kicking the groin, biting or simply shouting.

5. If the rapist is too strong to overcome or he is armed or he is with group, reason with him or convince him that you have infectious disease such as Hepatitis B or AIDS.

6. Avoid walking along crime-prone streets especially when alone. These streets are usually situated near places of ill-repute.

7. If an attacker flees, continue shouting and creating commotion until you find refuge and help.

8. Go home early. But if you cannot avoid going on overtime, it is better to wait for sunrise before going home. If you really have to go home, ask the security guard or anyone you know to walk you to your car or take down the number of your taxi cab, should you decide to ride in one.

9. If you are alone at work after business or office hours, keep your doors locked.

10. It is never a good idea to go to a nightclub alone.

11. Do not allow alcohol or drugs to impair your judgment. If you haven’t already set social standards, do so and stick to them. Do not allow an overly aggressive pursuer to change your mind.

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