Advisory on Kidnapping Phone Scam and Latest Cybercrimes

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Here are some of the latest electronics-based crimes perpetrated by criminal groups and the recommended things to do when they are encountered:


This type of scam that attempt to dupe victims into paying a quick ransom are on the rise. The virtual aspect of the scam involves staging a scene either on the phone or via social media in an attempt to convince the victim that a loved one has been kidnapped.

The Scammer, claiming they kidnapped a family member or spouse, demands a ransom in exchange for the loved one's release and tell the victim to wire the money for the ransom payment. They claim that the kidnapped victim is in need of medical attention.

This fraud only work when people receive a phone call and have family member who is not at home.

The Scammer will use social media to profile their victims as to where they live, places they commonly visit, and their connected friends.

If you receive one of these calls, never confirm or acknowledge your loved one’s name and if you happen to answer the call, try to ask question that only the alleged kidnap victim knows. Consider trying to slow down the situation and request to speak with the alleged kidnap victim. Never agree to pay a ransom, but instead try to contact your loved ones as much as possible.


The public are advised to follow these tips to avoid being a victim of Kidnapping Phone Scam, to wit:

  • Check privacy settings on social media accounts;
  • Remove personal information especially phone numbers from social-media profile pages;
  • Don't directly challenge or argue with the caller;
  • Listen carefully to the voice of the kidnapped victim if he/she speaks; and
  • Before handing over a money, call your family, and call the police.

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