2017 Crime Statistics Summary

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For the period under review, Police Regional Office 9 recorded a total crime volume of 12,642 incidents. This figure is 3,908 incidents or 39.08% lower than the same period of year 2016 which was 16,550 incidents.

Out of the 12,642 Total Crime Volume recorded from January to October 2017.  9,187 or 69% recorded as Non-Index Crimes while 4,051 or 31 % recorded as Index Crimes. 

There were 12,642 total crime volume reported for the period in review, of which 6,639 were solved while 7,813 were cleared. This translates to crime solution efficiency of 52.55% and crime clearance efficiency of 61.80%. Still, the CSE and CCE of Jan-Oct 2017 are higher compared to 2016 of same period which is 44.67% CSE and 54.21% CCE.

 The Average Monthly Crime Rate (AMCR) for the period under review recorded 33.66 crimes per month which is 11.01 lower than the same period of CY 2016 which recorded 44.67 crimes per month. While, the Average  Monthly Index Crime Rate (AMICR) recorded   10.77 which is lower by 3.96 compared with the same period of CY 2016.

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