Popular Shoe Brand Denounces Scam Promo

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A phishing scam showing a link to an alleged Adidas shoe promo <www.adidas-shoes.club/?v> circulating via a free popular messaging platform. When the victim clicks on said link, it leads to a site that says the company is giving away 3,000 free pairs for its anniversary. This fake website is used by hackers to gather sensitive personal data from their unsuspecting victims.

Phishing Alert - Disabled Account / Online Maintenance

Written by Publisher on . Posted in IT Advisory

There are new forms of phishing email circulating the internet. Phishing is a form of online scam utilizing social engineering attack often used to steal sensitive user data such as username, password, credit card number, and pin number. Users are manipulated to click a hyperlink or open an attachment that will eventually install virus and other malware to a targeted computer, or lead to fake websites that illegally gathers personal information.

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