Phishing Alert: Hacker Knows Your Hidden Immoral Activities

Written by Publisher on . Posted in IT Advisory

Phishing emails are the rage these days. Cybercriminals are having a field day attacking unsuspecting victims via email. The bottomline of their act is to get easy money from their victims. Following is a sample spear phishing email (copied word-for-word) that is meant to extort money (bitcoin as their preferred currency) from the targeted recipient. The message came from a certain Daniel Smith (a very common name, the hacker may even use the title "prince of Nigeria", your favorite superhero like "Bruce" or "Wade",  or even "Mr. Nice Guy", depending on his mood). The attacker purportedly knows all illicit online activity of the victim and has captured it on video. After setting a deadline, he will threaten the victim that all his alleged immoral activities will be revealed to the contacts in his address book, social media friends, and even to the pretty or handsome crush at school or at work. He will also tell that the router firewall is compromised with all his technical mumbo-jumbo.

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