Safety and Security of Korean Nationals in the Philippines

Written by PCINSP ROGELIO C ALABATA, Chief RPIO9 on . Posted in News Release

The Philippines is among the countries the Korean nationals prefer to visit as per recent statistics, stating that more than one million of them are arriving annually while 89,000 are already residing in the country. However, based on the figures gathered and released by the Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management, there were 856 crime situations concerning Korean nationals in 2015, 506 of those were incidents involving them as victims.

In accordance with the partnership between the Philippines and Korea through the PNP and the Korean Embassy, Ambassador Lee Key-Cheol, along with Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) officials, paid a courtesy call to the PNP last January 28, 2016 to further highlight and discuss matters involving Korean nationals, particularly those related to safety and security as well as to drumbeat the undertakings of the PNP regarding the foregoing.

In this regard, the Philippine National Police is one with the Korean Embassy in promoting and ensuring the safety of the Korean Nationals for the duration of their stay in the Philippines. The PNP is also persevering in its efforts to effectively safeguard the security of the Korean nationals in the country and through the PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, is assuring a thorough supervision and investigation of pending cases concerning Korean nationals.

Furthermore, the PNP is ensuring that proactive measures will fulfill the increasing demand for tourist protection and abate the incidence of crimes directed against tourists. Nevertheless, enforcement undertakings on maintaining peace and order within areas of high tourism traffic are being extended by the PNP through a Tourism Security Force. The PNP will also continue to perform its duties in serving and protecting the people and in maintaining the peace and security of the country.

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