Charges Filed Against Attackers of Saudi Nationals

Written by PCINSP ROGELIO C ALABATA, Chief RPIO9 on . Posted in News Release

An international lecturer and a renowned author of many inspirational and motivational books worldwide and a religious attaché of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia were both wounded after conducting lecture inside the Western Mindanao State University gymnasium at about 8:30 PM of March 1, 2016. Dr. Aidh al-Qarni and Sheikh Turki Assaegh were both wounded by a gunman identified as Rugasan Misuari III while two other suspects were arrested by the responding lawmen after the shooting incident that occurred inside the WMSU Campus.

According to the reports, Dr. Qarni and Sheikh Assaegh were invited by the Ulama Council of Zamboanga Peninsula to speak in a symposium at WMSU Gymnasium.

The two foreigners were about to leave WMSU on board their provided vehicle when suspect Rugasan Misuari III appeared and shot them in close range using his caliber .45 pistol that wounded both foreigners. However, the security escort reacted and was able to shoot and kill Misuari III who was an engineering student and a resident of Brgy. Tumaga, Zamboanga City.

Meanwhile his two other companions identified as Junaide Cadir y Salih, 36, of Brgy. Taguiti and Mujir Abubakar y Amilasan, 31, of Brgy. Sta. Barbara, were arrested and now under the custody of ZCPO.

The victims were immediately brought to Zamboanga Community Hospital and transferred to ZAMPEN hospital. On March 3, 2016, at about 1:00 PM the two foreigners were airlifted to Manila by a private plane.

A case of frustrated and attempted murder were filed before the City Prosecutors Office against Junaide Cadir y Salih and Mujir Abubakar y Amilasan docketed under NPS Number IX-06-INQ-16C-00190 on March 3, 2016. The suspects availed of a 15-day waiver and are temporarily detained at Zamboanga City Police Station 11 for proper disposition.

PRO9 Regional Director PCSUPT MIGUEL C ANTONIO JR., directed the ZCPO ooficer in charge to closely work with other law enforcement units and the local government units of Zamboanga City and create a Special Investigation Task group (SITG) to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident.

RD PRO9 also assured the general public that the safety of the citizen is the primary concern of the PNP. 

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