CAFGU Engages Lawless Armed Group at Firefight in Sirawai

Written by PSUPT ROGELIO C ALABATA, Chief RPIO9 on . Posted in News Release

A 15-minute firefight occurred between five members of a lawless element group led by a certain Dandi a.k.a. “Batoto” and a team of CAAs/CAFGUS-Special Forces. The incident happened in Barangay Tapanayan, Sirawai, Zamboanga Del Norte at about 9:25 AM on April 25, 2017.

Initial investigation disclosed that the troops of CAAs/CAFGUs were conducting combat patrol in the area when they spotted said lawless armed group. The criminal elements withdrew and fled to unknown direction after a group of AFP Forces arrived at the area to reinforce the CAAs. Responding PNP personnel from Sirawai MPS and Zamboanga del Norte PPSC, who arrived later, provided support to clearing operation of the AFP forces. Other PNP personnel also provided blocking force and checkpoint at the possible exits of the lawless group, and coordinated with the adjacent MPS to conduct checkpoint to intercept said armed group. No casualties from the government side or from the enemy were reported.

-with report from PO3 Radzben S. Jul, RPIO9