157 Zambo Norte Barangays Declared as Drug-Cleared

Written by RPIO9 Media Center on . Posted in News Release

One-Hundred Fifty Seven (157) Barangays in seven municipalities and one city in Zamboanga Del Norte have been recently declared as drug cleared by the Regional Oversight Committee on Barangay Drug Clearing during the ceremonial declaration of drug free and drug cleared Barangays in Zamboanga Del Norte held from August 7-10, 2018. 

Declared as drug-free and cleared Barangays are, Sindangan (46), Siayan (20), Jose Dalman (13), Manukan (7), Roxas (5), Pinan (17), Polanco (40) and Dapitan City (40). These Barangays have been officially validated as drug-cleared communities by the Regional Oversight Committee after accomplishing the parameters set by the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB). It can be recalled that the province has a total of 126 Barangays that were listed as drug free and cleared area. Of the total 691 Barangays in the province, a total of 283 Barangays were now considered as drug free and cleared communities.

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