Hostage Taking Incident

Written by RPIO9 Media Center on . Posted in News Release

A hostage taking incident transpired at Gonzales drive, Campaner Street, Barangay Zone III, Zamboanga City at 2:53 AM of September 27, 2021. Victim was identified as Melodina Garcia y Jalon, 69 years old, female, widow, and a resident of the said place while suspect was identified as Alandoni Hajini y Hadjirul, 32 years old, male, temporary residing at 8th Street Southcom Village, Zamboanga City and a native of Karawan, Parang, Sulu.

While at the scene, the suspect continued to warn the negotiators that no police personnel would go near them and if not he will harm the victim. Intense negotiation followed and suspect demanded to see and talk to his cousin a certain Wahid Ibba in which the team acceded and produced his cousin for continuous negotiation. While in the process, the team exposed and brought the suspect outside the resident of the victim for possible rescue. While negotiation continued, designated personnel were positioned and were ready for any eventuality until the suspect gave an opportunity to subdue and was finally pinned down with the help of other personnel on the ground. Recovered from his possession were 2 bolos without scabbard and 1 bolo measured without scabbard. Arrested suspect was immediately brought to Zamboanga City Police Station 11 while the victim is now undergoing medical treatment.  Suspect is now temporary detained at Zamboanga City Police Station 11 detention pending filing of appropriate case in court.