Oath-taking of Salaam Civilian Volunteers

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Salaam Police Center 9 stationed at Camp Gen. Eduardo Batalla, Justice RT Lim Boulevard, Zamboanga City under the leadership of Police Inspector Dahlan Tidal Samuddin, Acting Chief, administered the oath taking of new members of Salaam Civilian Volunteers which was organized in the Island Barangay of Tumalutab, Zamboanga City on February 9, 2014.

The oath taking was spearheaded by Abdulla Ibno, President of the newly organized Salaam Civilian Volunteers of the island barangay.  Police Chief Inspector Fictal Jumaani Majuddin, Al-Haj, organizer and at the same time Adviser of Salaam Civilian Volunteers in the region, administered the oath taking.  There were more than fifty (50) members who were sworn to their oath before the subject Police Commissioned Officer.  The said activity was witnessed by the barangay officials of Barangay Tumalutab.

The Salaam Civilian Volunteers are under the direct supervision of Salaam Police Center 9 of Regional Police Community Relation Division, Police Regional Office 9 which is under the stalwart of Police Senior Superintendent Nelson DC Eucogco, (DSC), the designated Chief.

Salaam Police Center was activated pursuant to NAPOLCOM Memorandum 2004-0008.  The Letter of Instruction 10/04 was formulated by the then Chief Philippine National Police which set forth the guidelines, concept of operation, fundamental thrust and specific tasks.  Likewise, a General Order Number DPL-04-06 dated August 9, 2004, Camp Crame, Quezon City was issued placing Salaam Police Center under the Directorate of Police Community Relations.

One of the functions of Salaam Police Center is to undertake close monitoring, networking and liaison activities with the Muslim Communities in addressing terrorism and lawless violence in their respective areas, to guarantee that Muslims are not discriminate, oppressed or singled out.  Thereby, Salaam Police Center 9 is tasked to establish meaningful linkages with Muslim Communities in Zamboanga City.  Likewise, continuous information and education campaign among the different Muslim Communities to enlighten them of their rights and obligations is to be conducted.

On March 25, 2011, The Director of Directorate for Police Community Relation, National Headquarters, Camp Crame, Quezon City, issued a memorandum, directing all Salaam Police Centers to organize Salaam Civilian Volunteers.

Thereby, Police Chief Inspector  Fictal Jumaani Majuddin, the Chief, Salaam Police Center 9 has organized the First Salaam Volunteers in Zamboanga City, wherein, Hadji Abdulpatta H Kangal with postal address at Barangay Lower Calarian, Zamboanga City is  one of the volunteers.  In order to recognize the legitimacy of the organization, Hadji Abdulpatta Kangal has applied for the registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission in which, it was approved on June 28, 2012 with Company Registered Number CN201225802.

The Salaam Civilian Volunteers is a Non-Government Organization and is affiliated with the Philippine National Police.  Its mission is to support the PNP Organization in the promotion of advocacy of peace and culture of harmony among Filipinos both Muslims and Christians in Mindanao.

Since the existence of the Salaam Civilian Volunteers, there were fifteen (15) barangays in Zamboanga City have organized their own Salaam Civilian Volunteers Group.  Each group has members for more than one hundred individuals.    They are considered as force multipliers of the Police Regional Office 9.

After the oath taking,  PO2 Bani Hashim Sakili, MPM, Chief Clerk, Salaam Police Center 9 conducted orientation to the newly members of the Salaam Civilian Volunteers regarding their roles towards the organization.  They were reminded of their duties and responsibilities as members of Salaam Civilian Volunteers especially in promoting peace in their barangay.

The new members have responded and they promised of their commitments towards the organization they belong.  Exuberantly, they committed to discharge their functions for the sake of the attainment of the organization’s objectives and most of all, in the attainment of peace in their respective barangay.