Salaam Police Center and Counter-Radicalization Aspects

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The following are the functions of the Salaam Police Center:

     a. Undertake close monitoring, networking and liaising activities with Muslim communities in addressing terrorism and lawless violence in their respective areas to ensure respect of cultural diversity and cooperation;

     b. Conduct training, seminars and continuing education to the Muslim and Non-Muslim PNP personnel  in terms of counter radicalization and deradicalization efforts of the PNP to include  Muslim elders, ulama and Muslim scholars;

    c. Conduct information dissemination about Muslim beliefs, culture and traditions to Non-Muslim PNP personnel, students from different levels and the tri-media thru dialogues, radio guesting, school visitations and flyers distribution to promote harmony and awareness;

     d. Serves as coordinating body among the regular PNP operating units, different Salaam Police Offices in the ground, and AFP units in the conduct of police operations against Muslim personalities or in Muslim communities including arrest, investigation, and filing of cases to safeguard the  proper implementation of law and observance of human rights;

     e. Enhance linkages with the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos and the Muslim-Christian communities to ensure effective community partnership in addressing terrorist threats and violence;

     f. Strengthening of the Salaam Police Center to operate with autonomy as a separate unit, similar to the setup of HRAO and WCPC, with appropriate personnel, logistical, and financial capability;

     g. Allow the Muslim police officers to wear veil or “Hijab”, long skirts and pants as well as male police officers to wear jogging pants during athletics, to hide their “aurat (private parts)”;

     h. Increase the number of police personnel assign at the Salaam Police Center in order to be more effective in  their basic police service, and encouraging the assignment of  new recruits to the Salaam Police Center after basic training with the permanency of assignment depending on the performance;

    i. Formulate specific PNP policy raising the consciousness of its personnel in the religious, social, cultural aspects of the Muslims which are sensitive to Islam faith which could build significant development in peace process; and

     j. Close coordination with the Office of the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos for the Muslim PNP personnel to participate on the Hajj mission subject to availability of funds.

Following are the regular activities conducted by the Salaam Police Center:

     a. Counter Radicalization and Deradicalization Trainings;

     b. Weekly Radio Program on Salaam Police Awareness and Islamic culture;

    c. Seminar regarding awareness of Muslim culture and practices for Non-Muslim PNP personnel;

     d. Regular Friday sermons and visitation of mosques and madrasas in Metro Manila;

     e. Weekly visitation to madrasas and mosques;

     f. Monthly dialogue with Tableigh, Imam Council of the Philippines, and Ulama Council of the Philippines;

    g. Quarterly meeting with Muslim elders and  Muslim/Christian stakeholders for peace-building    and cooperation;

     h. Quarterly meeting with Muslim women in connection with the protection of women and children against violence;

     i. Weekly visitation to different madrasas to support school based projects for the Muslim youths; and

     j. Monthly monitoring of activities from the different Salaam Police Offices.

3. Counter Radicalization and Deradicalization Aspects

     a. Concept - Counter Radicalization is a reverse process of radicalization to discourage the extremists to use political violence and terrorism, and to prevent recruitment from Muslim community. The scope of the strategy in counter radicalization and deradicalization programs is to eradicate the intent of the radicals to commit crime and terrorism.

     b. Initiatives

      1. Empowering the Muslim leaders, Muslim scholars, Imams, youth and other stakeholders in the community;

2. Visitation to Muslim inmates and their families;

            3. Counseling to Muslim inmates and their families;

4. Legal Assistance to Muslim inmates;

5. Social and economic assistance to Muslim inmates and their families; and

6. Providing jobs and livelihood assistance to detainees after their released from prisons.



a. Presidential Pronouncement on the Creation of Salaam Police Center;

b. GO 04-06 dated August 9, 2004 re: Activation of SPC;

c. NAPOLCOM Memorandum Circular No. 2004-008;

d. LOI 10/04

e. Approved Memo from CPNP dated Sept 7, 2010 re Counter Radicalization Specialist Course;

f. Approved Memo from CPNP dated March 31, 2011 re: ASEANAPOL Counter Terrorism Training Program; and

g. Approved Memo from CPNP dated July 5, 2011 re: PNP-Australian Embassy Peace Building and Counter Radicalization Training Workshop

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